Carolyn lu yoga》瑜伽讓我自由 找到自我


Yoga asks for us to put in our best efforts and detach from the results. No matter where I am, life continues to remind me of this over and over again.

When I left Taiwan in December I was learning the first few poses of third series. I never thought I would reach this far in the Ashtanga series, so of course I felt proud and excited. When I settled into my new life in New York, I started practicing with Eddie Stern. Eddie is quite the legend in the Ashtanga world so I was really excited to practice with him. However during my first few days with him, he did the complete opposite. Instead of adding new poses to my practice, he took away many poses and asked me to stop at Mayurasana of the second series. For a moment, it was difficult for my ego to accept what has just happened. Then I reminded myself that I am not defined by the poses in my practice. I am just here to show up, put in my best effort, and detach from the results. This is where I am on my journey and it’s exactly where I am meant to be.


當我在12月離開臺灣時,我正在學習第三個系列的前幾個姿勢。從沒想過我會在阿斯湯加系列中走到這麼遠,當然我感到自豪和興奮。到紐約適應新生活時,開始和埃迪·斯特恩(Eddie Stern)一起練習。Eddie是阿斯湯加世界的傳奇人物,我很高興能和他一起練習。然而,在我和他在一起的頭幾天,他完全沒有在我的練習中添加新的姿勢,而是拿走了許多姿勢,並要求我在第二個系列的Mayurasana停下來。有那麼一瞬間,我的自尊心很難接受剛剛發生的事情。但我開始提醒自己,練習並不是由姿勢來定義,是我盡最大的努力來到這裡,放下結果。這是我在旅途中所處的位置,也正是我註定要去的地方。

In the ancient scripture Pantajalis Yoga Sutras, yoga is defined as “calming the fluctuations of the mind.” In our modern day yoga practice, we use our body and our breath as a tool to achieve that calmness, that stillness, that peace. This yoga practice gives us a chance to sit and to BE with ourselves. We start by observing what’s happening within our physical bodies, then as our practice develops we begin to have awareness of our breaths, then we learn to observe and be in control of our thoughts.

Once the mind is able to quiet down, that is when we are able to BE with our true selves. In order to be with our true selves, we have to learn to detach from all the things that society has taught us to define ourselves as. So in that moment where my mind is completely still, I am not a yoga teacher, I am not a New Yorker, I am not a daughter. I am just ME, pure and divine. The more we understand ourselves, the better equipped we are to face the challenges up ahead and the more we’re able to hold steady and find freedom in this ever changing world.